Fishing in NH 2016 & Free Fishing Day

Fishing in NH 2016 & Free Fishing Day

Camden, my 13 year old, LOVES fishing. I often pack a picnic lunch and head out with him for hours.  Sometimes we’ll take the kayaks and sometimes just our chairs and set off just for an enjoyable day. He does the fishing and I take the photos. It’s perfect.

Camden asked me to put together a post of fishing spots of new places we can go to this year along with finding out where NH stocks fish.

So, lucky him, I’m doing the work for him and you. I’m finding there is a lot of information and rules that I did not know about. I’m getting most of my information from two sites, but I’ll break it down for you because there is a lot of information on these sites.

First off, when can you fish? There are different times for different fish and whether you’re fishing lakes, ponds or rivers.
This is a good section to look at for this information but it’s the general consensus that the 4th Saturday in April, which is April 23rd this year, is the most popular day for opening fishing day.

It seems to me that each week there are several, and I do mean several, different bodies of water being stocked with trout and they update the site when they do. You’ll most definitely want to follow this page here for the newest spots they’ll be stocking.

I found some information on stocking trout in the the fall months as well, that you can read about HERE! It’s last year’s article, but it’s informative and will give you the heads up for this year.

Some recommended fishing spots:

Catfish: (Camden asked about this one) Looks like Catfish have a very low population, but if one wanted to attempt to set out to catch Catfish, I’d have to recommend the Connecticut River-from the Bellows Falls Dam in Walpole, NH to the Mass border.

Bass: Winnipesaukee, Big and Little Squam, Waukewan, Wickwas, Pemigewasset, Hermit Lake, Merrimack River

Mackerel: To fish off a bridge for Mackerel, they suggest Goat Island Bridge, which lies between Portsmouth and New Castle where the Piscataqua River meets the sea.

Perch: Massabesic Lake

Trout Fishing Waters: Bow Lake, Conway Lake, Dublin Lake, Falls Pond, Moore Reservoir, Newfound Lake, Sawyer Pond,Squam Lake and many more you can read HERE! 

NH Outdoors, put an extensive fishing spot list together and informs what fish can be found at each area.

Some readers have passed on their favorite fishing spots that I’ll pass on to you: Merrimack River, Nashua River, Massapoag Pond, Tower hill, Big Island Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Newfound Lake, Silver Lake, Turtle Pond, Bow Lake, Rollins Pond, Kingston Lake,

In NH, everyone can fish for free, without worrying about a fishing license the first Saturday in June! Note, that all other fishing rules apply.

A fishing license is required for anyone 16 years and older. Yes, even moms who are “helping” their kiddos are required to have a fishing license. If you have previously had a fishing license you can get this year’s fishing license online HERE.

Have fun! I’m sure we’ll be posting plenty of photos ourselves, I hope you’ll share some fun photos with us on our Facebook page!

A few things for you and your kiddo to bring along with you:
Bug spray
Water shoes
Scissors or knife kit
Extra hooks
Powerbait, in case you run out of live bait
Snacks-more often than not, we’re out a lot longer than we anticipated and snacks come in handy
Bottled water

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