A “Younique” Stay At Home Money Opportunity and FREE Make Up!!!!

A “Younique” Stay At Home Money Opportunity and FREE Make Up!!!!

True Story!!!!

I brought my niece to her basketball practice and was introduced to some new moms there. After 15 minutes of talking to one mom, I said to her, “Okay, now that I know your name and have been talking to you for 15 minutes, I’ve got to just ask you about your amazing long eyelashes! I’ve never seen such long, full lashes like that! They’re beautiful!” That’s just me, I can’t hold back, LOL!

Well, Sara pulled out her secret, Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.
It looked like mascara to me, so what was I missing?

Sara and I soon got together and had a little make up demonstration and I was amazed or should I say Moodstruck? Ever since then I was hooked. My teenage daughter expressed that we HAD to get that!!!!

Younique Kit Price

I didn’t purchase right away because I was contemplating buying the Presenter Kit.
I weighed my options. I read that I only had to sell $125 in product every three months to stay active. I can have my own online parties every 10 days and earn not only commission but free and half off products. I can have make up parties with friends and they can earn free products and I can earn commission. I have a daughter who loves make up. I loved my lashes when I used the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. It was only $99 for the kit and I was pretty darn sure I’d get my money quite quickly.

In the end we signed up, I say we because Olyvia, my daughter, is thrilled.

Younique Natural Based

The products are naturally based and so many of them are even gluten free!

I just started with Younique, but Sara has been with Younique for over six months. She told me recently she received $300 in commission because of several Liquid Foundation orders! That’s crazy good!

Younique foundation and brush

Check out the site, if you’d like to order something, feel free to place an order HERE.
Join my private Facebook Page HERE. I’ll be sharing specials, videos and future giveaways.

I’m really excited about the products, I’m really excited about my new little side business and I’m really excited to share this opportunity with you!

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  1. Sara says:

    I have extremely sensitive skin and everything I have tried on my skin has either caused a rash or breaks me out. I decided to try Younique 2 years ago and I had NO REACTION to any of the products! They are known for their 3D Mascara but have so many more amazing products! My all time favorite is the Liquid Foundation!! Goes on as a liquid and dries as a powder! It truly is magic in a bottle! <3 #1 Younique fan 😉

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