Saybrook Point Inn & Spa

Saybrook Point Inn & Spa

Recently, I put a question out there of what you’d like more info about on our site and several asked if we knew of any resorts in NH and New England. The one I’m featuring here today, is my favorite, favorite, favorite!!!! I’ll have a few more posts I’ll be sharing about Saybrook Point Inn & Spa and I’m also adding this post to our Summer 2016 Must Go, Do & Stay! 

Enter with me to tour part one of our Saybrook Point Inn & Spa. Experience history, seaside charm and nature. 

Fun. Relaxing. Elegant.

My mom called me Monday morning, after our weekend getaway, to say thank you for taking her to Saybrook Point Inn & Spa. It was fun, relaxing and elegant. What a great sentence to sum up our perfect weekend.

Saybrook Point charm

I had never been to Old Saybrook, CT before,  but I have fallen in love with this seaside town. It has a  rich, charming history  that spills over into Saybrook Point Inn and Spa. Photos of Katherine Hepburn hang on the walls as her family home is less than 5 minutes away. You’ll see photos of the Rat Pack with a description under their photo saying they “owned” the bar. They were there so often that people thought they did. A room in the Fresh Salt Restaurant holds the historic former name of the Terra Mar bar.

Saybrook Terra Mar

President Kennedy made his presence often. It’s also been said that mob members sat in corners of this bar as well. There is so much history in this inn, that I thought perhaps at times I would possibly  bump into one of the famous who walked the halls here in the past.

Old Saybrook Point History Photos

Mom and I strolled into history, heading to Main Street where there were antique and gift shops. The Saybrook Country Barn on 2 Main St, has  something for everyone. There was also Walt’s Food Market, where Katherine Hepburn would go to when she was in town. Residence spoke of her riding down the street on her bike to head to Walt’s for her needs for the weekend. Take a tour or see a show at The Kate: The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center.

Main St. Old Saybrook, CT

 Drive, borrow a bike from the Inn or walk not far from The Saybrook Point Inn to head to a cove. You’ll cross a bridge where you’ll see some locals fishing. You may spot several swans seeming to perform a synchronized swimming performance.

Old Saybrook Swans

  You’ll make your way to a golf course where you can stroll the edges and admire the beautiful homes, flowering trees and do some bird watching. This too is where you can see Hepburn’s home.

Saybrook Nature

 The Saybrook Point Inn is as charming and as beautiful as its surroundings.  My next segment will bring you into several rooms of the inn where you’ll see no two rooms are the same. You’ll see marina views, the dining atmosphere, fine food and ways to pamper yourself.  I’ll also introduce you to their other properties adjust to the inn, one is called Three Stories. Until then, look at their gallery photos, take a virtual tour and book a getaway for you.

Saybrook Inn Post Card Ad

Saypoint Inn Marina View

Enter with me to tour part two of Saybook Point Inn & Spa. See it’s charm, comfort and its atmosphere. 

Whether you’re looking to relax or to be active, you can find it at Saybrook Inn & Spa. My mom and I went away here for Mother’s Day and honestly, with me leaving 5 kids at home and my mom leaving a lot of work behind, we were looking for comfort and relaxation and we found it. I met another mom and her daughter at the Inn and they were playing mini golf nearby, went biking and shopping while they were there. So see, you can definitely find either one!

Saybrook Point Main Inn CollageWhen you walk in to the main inn, you’re going to say something like “Wow!” or “Ooohh, how beautiful!” We were greeted by David who took our bags, made notice from our license plate that we were from NH, asked us how our ride was. He was a handsome young man, with a warm smile who made us feel welcome right away! One thing I loved about David is that he asked us our names and over the weekend when he saw us, he spoke to us using our names. He was just as friendly and warm with other guests as well.

David brought us and our luggage to our room and explained some of the hotel ammenities as well as some history to us along the way.

Now, when you get into your room, you’re going to repeat the same “Wow and Ooohhs” as you did when you enter you entered the inn. The rooms are simply elegant. I later took a tour and got to see several of the other rooms and came to the conclusion that not all rooms are the same. There’s something a little different to each room. The rooms are all spacious. Most all rooms have a wood burning fireplace, the bathrooms are stunning, with some having large whirlpool bathtubs. The beds were so comfy with lots of pillows which I love. I honestly didn’t mind if mom and I stayed in our room the entire time of our visit. I had found my haven!

 We didn’t stay in our room though, of course. We enjoyed the outdoor pool, indoor pool, took a walk along the marina, sat out at the patio, had a spa morning at Sanno Spa and enjoyed wonderful meals at Fresh Salt.

As I’m writing this, I’m wishing I could tap my heels three time and find myself back at Saybook Point Inn! 

Sanno foot bath

Ah, okay, where was I? Mom and I enjoyed some time in the Sanno Spa. It was buzzing with ladies in their robes sipping tea or infused water, very happy that they’d be getting an all about them morning. The waiting room, the powder room, the pedicure room,  all had unique touches and details. I loved the glass-like foot baths!

Whether you have breakfast in the dining room, dinner out at the patio fire or lunch by the pool, you’ll enjoy every presentation and taste put before you at Fresh Salt Restaurant.  The care and time is evident on each plate the chefs prepare.

Fresh Salt

 I felt so blessed to be able to share Mother’s Day Brunch at Fresh Salt. When I walked in the ball room, I just observed everyone’s reaction. It was moving was the consensus I heard repeatedly and truly it was!

Saybrook Inn & Spa and Fresh Salt Restaurant host many company events as well as weddings most every weekend. After the Mother’s Day presentation I was present at, I see that this would be a dream come true for many brides.

Mother's Day Ballroom

 Read more about Saybrook Point Inn and perhaps book your getaway.

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