Boston’s Museum of Science: Newest Exhibit-Spider’s Alive!

Boston’s Museum of Science: Newest Exhibit-Spider’s Alive!

Museum of Science, Boston’s newest offering…… Spiders Alive! This temporary exhibit, which opens June 12, allows you to explore the rich diversity of spiders and examine their anatomy, evolutionary history, and signature traits through live creatures, intriguing videos, and larger-than-life models.

In my opinion, this is exactly where the spiders belong, —in the museum! My son saw the commercial for this just the other night and wants to head there with some friends. As long as he doesn’t bring any home, LOL, I think it’s a great idea!

In Spiders Alive! Museum-goers will encounter an array of species — from the Goliath bird eater to the desert hairy scorpion — and learn how scientists aim to protect global spider populations. The exhibit offers insight into spiders’ unique characteristics, where they are found, how they adapt to their environment, the roles they play in their ecosystems, and how scientists study these amazing arachnids.

We often to head to the Museum when they have a new exhibit and can easily spend the entire day here and still not experience everything they have. If you’re a family who likes to frequent the museum as we do, I’d suggest getting the Membership Package. It pays for itself quite quickly and offers extras too.

This is a great spot to add to your list of where to go this summer!

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