Monday Mentions: Veranda Restaurant

Monday Mentions: Veranda Restaurant

Have you heard of the new restaurant, Veranda Martini Bar & Grille in Manchester? I’ve posted some photos of some of their lunch plates on Facebook over the last few weeks. Their plates look delicious and their specials, oh my goodness, need to shouted from the rooftops!

Veranda veranda

Their lunch hours are Tuesday-Friday from 11-2 and they have so many $5 lunch plate specials. I’m planning on taking Olyvia for a girls lunch date this week and I already know I’m getting their fish sandwich plate. Enjoy your meal inside or take advantage of the outside veranda. Both are a lovely atmosphere.

Veranda Specials Tues to Thursday 4 to 6

But, seriously, if you look at their Facebook photos, you’ll be drooling. I’ve never seen a crock of onion soup look so enticing. A cream puff dessert in a martini glass is a perfect picture of edible art. The drinks, well, you all can imagine and goodness, the main course -that’s a whole other discussion!

What I’m getting at, is you’ve got to try out this new restaurant. I think it will be your new favorite!

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