App of the week: Scholly

I can’t believe I have a son heading to college. Pinch me, is this really real? Preparing to get Brock into college, I was and am still, treading on unfamiliar grounds. When I went to college, I worked two jobs and went to school at night and I paid it myself. This world of ours is quite different in more ways that I can count and parents have a lot of ownership in getting their kids through school.

One app I learned about from Shark Tank was Scholly, I highly recommend it. There are millions of scholarships that are listed and when you put in the your majors you’re interested in, a ton of them will be listed for you to apply to. Mom and Dad, are you interested in going back to college? You should see the amazing list of scholarships that are offered with this app.

Check it out, it’s totally worth the $2.99!

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