Jump Around Inflatables

Jump Around Inflatables

To be a kid again, huh?! I know we can still go on these awesome inflatables, but I don’t bounce quite the same as I did when I was much younger, LOL! How about you?

Jump Around Inflatable Rentals provides a vast variety of bounce houses. If you’re looking for themed, you’ll find Sponge Bob, Sports, Dora and more. Looking for a castle-do you want that in pink or red? Do you want island themed or a butterfly house? Are you looking for a combo house, a wave slip and slide or an obstacle course? Jump Around has all these and many more. Can you imagine how much fun the owner’s kids had growing up? WOW!

With any choice you make, your kids will have a blast celebrating their big day!  Jump Around offers rentals starting at $145.00 a day and offers 2 day specials as well. I know I’m gearing this toward birthdays, but keep in mind that this would be a great summer staycation idea, a block party or great for a company party too. If my kids were younger, I’d get several moms in on it and share the price to have a full day of letting the kids bounce their energy out and get the award for being the coolest mom ever!

You can get in contact with Jump Around Inflatables via their website, facebook or call 603-361-2281

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