Monday Mentions: Spicy Mikes, YaYa Organics, Far Out Bubbles, Talk It Up Tees, The American Bead Collection

Monday Mentions: Spicy Mikes, YaYa Organics, Far Out Bubbles, Talk It Up Tees, The American Bead Collection

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s been a few months since the Made In NH Expo and I’ve got to say, I’m loving all my favorite products from there. They recently were voted Best In NH, too!

Spicy Mikes Gourmet Ketchup is a staple now in my house and in my dads and some of our friends too! Spicy Mikes has 3 different kinds: Mild, Medium & Hot. It tastes fresh with a little bite to it. It’s so good. I’m not even a ketchup person and I love it! Recently, they were guests on The Food For Thought segment and I loved the history of how it was created. You can listen to their segment HERE! 

Spicy Mikes is local to NH, but beginning to brand nationally. They can also be found at Wholefoods and Amazon too! Taste their product, you will love it on ribs, in tomato soup, meatloaf, mac and cheese, eggs and more!

Some of my other favorites from Made In NH:

YaYa Organics

YaYa Organics: Their Tick Ban and Squito Ban works great! When we were at the fireworks over the 4th, everyone was spraying the typical bug spray and still swatting around them. We used our Squito Ban and not only were we not swatting, we also smelled a lot better too! Here’s a little more info I have here and if you hate ticks as much as I do, you NEED to get this product! They also carry deodorant and are working on more exciting products. We’re a huge fan!

Far Out Bubbles By the Lake

Far Out Bubbles:  I can’t say enough to everyone about this fun product. There are bubbles and then there are BUBBLES—Magical BUBBLES! I have a lot of kids and that being said I’ve had a lot of bubble kits. Far Out Bubbles far exceeds any product I’ve ever used. Whether it’s for backyard fun, at the lake, party or wedding, every household should have this kit! I swear, some of the bubbles, I thought I could fit my kids in them! So cool!

Talk it Up Cat tee

Talk It Up Tees: The one line that caught my attention on a shirt from Talk It Up Tees was, “Be happy, it drives people crazy!” Isn’t that the truth! I was hooked after that. I have had more compliments on this shirt. I’m sure because I wear it so well, they have received many more customers, too :-). They have great themed shirts such as the 603, the cat shirt and more! I got my husband the 603 American flag hat for Father’s Day and he loves it. I had another one for my son, but I gotta be honest, I kept it for myself. I have several items bookmarked for upcoming gifts. There’s something for everyone. The quality is great and they sayings bring a lot of laughter and a conversation along with it!


The American Bead Collection: I wear my gemdrop necklace all the time! I love it and I receive compliments literally everytime I wear it. There are so many bead stores, bead expos, and craft tables with beads but I’ve never been overly impressed until I came across the American Bead Collection. What a beautiful and unique gift to give to someone too as each Gemdrop contains chips of bedrock. In mine I have:
NC Ruby (passion)
NH & CT quartz (love)
NH Golden Beryl (light of love)
Mica (peace)
MT Garnet (joy)
Though I love the gemstone as is, I appreciated how the beads complimented the piece and can be worn with or without.
I fell in love with this product even more after reading their family story of how this family business came into existence during and after the battle with cancer.

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