Pesky Critters~ Best company around to rid of pests and more

Pesky Critters~ Best company around to rid of pests and more

We have used Pesky Critters for well over 10 years and they are by far the best price you will find around. I know all of my family have jumped on board and many of my friends too.

I call them in the spring and in the fall and anytime in between if I need them. Fortunately, because we are consistent with the twice a year treatment, I’m glad to say that we no longer need those in between phone calls anymore.

Pesky Critters is a family owned business and they do get busy, so I’m scheduling them this week.

What they’ll do for me when they come in the next couple of weeks:
Set up the mice feeders so when/if mice come in, they nibble, head back out and do not return
They do the same for the flying squirrel that sometimes get in my attic
They spray my basement along the edges and I rarely ever see a spider
They have a special routine that they do around the edge of my house and around my shed and my screen porch
If I’ve noticed any bees buzzing around the eaves, they’ll spray there as well

Pesky Critters takes great care of my house and puts me at ease! With our piles of wood for our wood stove, I never worry about termites and carpenter ants, either.

They cover homes both in NH and MA. Give them a shout, I’m sure you’ll be happy as me.
NH: 603-895-5222 | MA: 978-203-0436

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