JD Foods/Cheesco: Best price for holiday food, school lunches and more

JD Foods/Cheesco: Best price for holiday food, school lunches and more

JD Foods/Cheeseco: Make this place your first stop for holiday food, school lunches and more!!!

Many of you were thrilled when I posted some of the photos of deals I got at JD Foods. To get the best deals is to buy by the case and get the case price, but if you don’t you still get a great deal!!!! Lots of times I do get the cases, but on occasion, I’ve split with my neighbor so we can still get the best price.

JD Foods Location and Hours

I go to the location in Manchester which is right behind the big Planet Fitness on Eddy Rd. There is another location in Hillsboro on West Main St, but there is a bigger selection in Manchester.

There is no membership fee to shop here. They do not take coupons, but their prices are better than or equal to when I get deals with sales and coupons. For those who don’t know yet, my other site is the Extreme Coupon Professors, so we certainly do know where to shop and where to get the best deals. Shopping here alleviates having to find, clip and remember to grab your coupons before shopping. As you’ll see further on in this post, there is a flyer you can click on to see prices, but the prices are set typically for bulk. I’ll head in on a weekly basis to see what items they have in for specials. I almost always get my granola bars there, fruit chewy snacks, soups, cereals, cheeses, eggs, jars of minced garlic and yogurts. I also get the case of ground turkey.  Sometimes I buy the deli meat and slice it at home with my meat slicer for the kids’ sandwiches. Items are different every week of what they have in stock.  Some items are marked great because there is a huge stock of them, some are because they are close to expiration dates. This is often true with the yogurts, but our family flies through yogurt or we freeze it for smoothies.

JD Spaghetti Sauce

Some of my other favorites at JD’s are the spaghetti sauce and the wraps. These are both what the restaurants use and it’s rare that I’ll buy any other sauce now. It’s in a big can, but I portion it in freezer bags and pull it out when I want it. Freezer bags take up less room in the freezer too. I recently started buying the peanut butter there. It’s a big jar and it tastes good. I bought the huge box of aluminum foil and a year later, I still have some!

They also have Extra Value Freezers.  Items are often different every week as well in these coolers. I can sometimes find deals on deli meats, Toaster Strudels, pizzas, veggies and more. It’s different all the time, that’s why I like to head in at least once a week.

Our family has saved sooooo much money shopping here. Often I can pick up most of the school lunches and snacks on one shopping trip and they will last us a month.  I’ll get my boneless chicken breast here too, by the case. They are huge chicken breasts, so I slice them in half and freeze it by portion size for meals I have planned out. I always marinade a couple bags for the grill, too.

A few people asked about the organic selection. That too changes often. Sometimes there’s organic cereal, granola, soups and other frozen items. I’d say there’s always some organic products in stock, the products just change.

Often you can see the flyer and more deals and new products that come in on their Facebook page HERE.  But really, I’d suggest heading in there. It was a little overwhelming for me the first couple of times, but the 2 guys out front, Chad and Nick, are super helpful!

JD Text from Cathy


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