Easy Cheesy Macaroni & Cheese Recipe With Hannaford’s WOW Prices!!!!

Easy Cheesy Macaroni & Cheese Recipe With Hannaford’s WOW Prices!!!!

Thanks Hannaford for giving us some super prices with your sales and WOW prices! Last week’s recipe, French Dip Sandwiches, were so delicious that I ran back to get more of the roasts that were on sale. This week we’re having a pasta dinner for my daughter’s volleyball team and we’re going with a yummy, cheesy and simple macaroni and cheese recipe we found. With the cheese on sale and the pasta on sale we’re golden!

imageThe recipe can be found HERE.
A couple variations we did for our family (we did a trial run on the recipe before we have the volleyball teams over) was we doubled the recipe but only used 1 package of cream cheese, we added 4 oz off Pepperjack cheese and used 3 Tablespoons of Red Hot Sauce. We used 1 sleeve of buttery Ritz crackers, crushed and sprinkled them atop the mac and cheese.
We decided not bake the mac and cheese because we loved how cheesy it was in the pot on the stove. When you bake it, the consistency gets much thicker.

imageTake a peek at many other items that are WOW! prices. These are prices set to stay the same through November 5th which is great for finding coupons and great for planning recipes!

Check out the Hannaford ad for their weekly sales HERE!

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