Indoor Fun! Cowabunga’s!!!!

Indoor Fun! Cowabunga’s!!!!

Cowabunga’s is all about indoor fun!!!!

My kids are all teens now, but when they heard me saying I was going to Cowabunga’s with my friend and her little 2 1/2 and 5 year old girls, they all said, “Oh, we want to go!” They would have too if I let them. Cowabunga’s is a blast!

We went to the one in Hookett, NH, but they have another one in North Reading MA.

I love that you’re welcomed, right when you walk through the door, with music you want to bounce with and whimsical colors that make you feel happy and ready to have fun! I smiled as soon as I walked in, can you imagine how the kids feel?

When we were all settled in with our paperwork, the kids ran and began enjoying fun in their own world. I joined in a little bouncing myself, too. How can you not!

The girls loved being in the Tiki Blast where there are over 5000 balls to launch at each other and in the air. Stay on the first level or climb up and take advantage of the cannons higher up. There are a lot of other fun experiences connected to this inflatable as well, it’s no wonder why the girls loved playing in here.


I’m one who loves cute and the Tiki Island I thought—was adorable… with palm trees, a treasure chest, the big captain’s wheel and a slide!


Besides all the bouncing and sliding the kids can do, there are also foam blocks, giant connect 4 games and my favorite, the oversized speed stackers! My niece and her friends had so much fun with these when I took them awhile back!

Cowabunga’s welcomes snacks and lunches, but they are a peanut free zone. You can bring your own food or purchase some snacks right there. You can even order a pizza to be delivered if you choose, they have some specials with a nearby restaurant.


Honestly, if my kids were little we’d be going here at least a couple times a week, especially as the not so good weather approached. If that’s what you’re saying too, I’d suggest one of Cowabunga’s  membership cards. I think their prices are good already. Where on earth can go you go for $10 with your child for the whole day and parents do not have to pay? God Bless them!!!! If I were to frequent I’d want to take advantage of the extra discounts.


On Fridays you’ll find extra fun with no extra cost. One Friday may be a  Star Wars Night, another Cinderella will show up, another will be a craft night. At Cowabunga’s they are always planning something.


Speaking of planning, if you’re looking for a great place to plan a party, this is THE SPOT! Your birthday party will have its own room for food, cake and presents and you also have your own birthday party bouncy rooms too! Here’s one of the new adorable inflatables in one of the rooms. No need to worry about extra crowding, these rooms are all about your party child and their friends and family!

Cowabunga’s is a super fun place to go to have fun with your kids. If you’re looking for a little break, go with another mom and her kids. Watch the kids have fun while you get some adult conversation in. Isn’t that a treat!!! Yes, I do understand!


There are some fun kid toys to bring home. I really like their fill a cup. These are cheap enough to grab as a treat or use them as a prize incentive for a goal your little one is working on at home. Maybe it’s potty training or maybe it’s picking up toys.


Whether you’re at Cowabunga’s for a few hours or all day, know that your kiddo will have lots and lots of fun and will sleep verrrryyyyy well!

Check out more about Cowabunga’s on their website and make sure to head to their Facebook page as well for more photos and updated events!

Have fun and as they say, “Surf’s Up!”

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