JD Foods/ Cheesco-Grocery Stop For Saving$

JD Foods/ Cheesco-Grocery Stop For Saving$

Do you buy food? Of course you do and JD Foods is a must stop if you want to save money and stock up! Trust us on that!!!!!

I often get the snacks for the school lunches here! HUGE savings when you buy by the case! HUGE!!! The same goes for cereal! Our kids go through a box a day. Good grief, I need these savings!

Another favorite thing I like to buy here is my aluminum foil! You will feel like you’ll never run out again in this lifetime, and that’s about true with this role. Bonus is the price is fantastic!

I often buy my chicken by the case to get the super prices. Prices range from $1.15lb and up!!!! The price changes each week, but it’s crazy good, huh! On occasion I’ll split the case with one my best friends, but it’s most often we buy our own. I like to portion it out into meals I’ve planned out and put them in freezer bags. Sometimes I often add the marinade right into the bag for our grilling nights. Note that again the best price is case price, but if you didn’t want to buy by the case it’s only $0.20 more a pound.


We’ve saved so much money in our groceries since shopping here. They don’t have a website, but check them out on Facebook as sometimes they’ll have some extra special deals they’ll put on their page. I like to head in once a week to see what new items have come in off the truck. They have a special value section that is prices way below grocery store prices!


You’ve got to head there and see for yourself! Bring your best friend too and share in the savings! I can’t believe they’ve been around since the 80’s and I’ve just recently come across them in the last year or so. Stay tuned for some field trip videos coming in 2017, you’re going to love this place!

JD Foods Location and Hours

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