Better Than Average~ Moxie BBQ Sauce, Jellies & Marinades

Better Than Average:
I met this company at a Made In NH Expo. Their popularity was shown from their long lines of visitors tasting their Moxie Meatballs and purchasing many of their different products. They were a favorite in my book, for sure!


Better than average has taken Moxie to a level where if you liked Moxie before, you love the Moxie products now. If you didn’t care for Moxie before, you can’t get enough of it now. Better than average has worked their magic to make their products taste WOW! They carry many other products; pepper jelly, jams and more. They’ve also had their product carried on the Food Network Channel, Beat Bobby Flay Challenge.

You’ll find many recipes on their site for breakfast, appetizers, entrees and desserts HERE. They also a recipe section for more of the exotic cooking HERE. 

Better Than Average is certainly that-Better Than Average! They’ve perfected their products to satisfy many tastes. For those who can’t decide what product to start with, grab one of their sample bundles. In the end, it’s probable that most people will still purchase several items because they can’t decide which one or two they want. It’s a great product to buy for yourself and certainly a product that will a great choice for a gift!

Follow them on Facebook for any specials they may be having as well as seeing what new products they may be coming out with!

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