Grolen Computers: Taking Care Of All Your Computer Needs!

Grolen Computers: Taking Care Of All Your Computer Needs!

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Does anyone else get overwhelmed with computer issues, besides me? And when I do, I’m all flustered, I’ll go to the computer store in the mall, sometimes they know right off the bat what’s wrong, sometimes they don’t and when I do leave my computer, I often think in my head, my computer is so going to get lost or damaged.

Since I started working in my new office on Elm St, I’ve come across a lot of new businesses that are now on my favorite list. One of them being Grolen Computers at 814 Elm St, in Manchester! 

About a month ago, my battery died on my laptop. I know my battery was close to $100. Dave, the owner of Grolen, came by and I asked him if I could get a battery from him. He said yes, I could get it from him for $50. He listed a couple other stores and their prices for me. The prices from the other stores were $30 more and up. I said that was a no brainer, I am afterall the Extreme Coupon Professor, why wouldn’t I get it from Grolen? At Grolen I had to order the battery and it came in a few days later. The other stores were in stock, but heck, I loved the savings. Grolen was my go to!

At Christmas time Grolen had crazy amazing deals for refurbished laptops! I’ll be honest, I’m not a big advocate for refurbished electronics, but I do feel safe about getting them through Grolen, In fact, I’m getting a “new” refurbished laptop for my hubby who has been in need of one for awhile and a friend of mine got one a few weeks ago as well! I am totally good with this. 

A family business who has a great reputation speaks volumes and volumes to me. My experience thus far with Grolen has been very positive. He’s come in our office plenty of times to update, change and upgrade us to our needs.

So whether it’s your home computer or laptop that has issues, or a business that’s looking for a computer wizard, or you’re looking to upgrade with new or refurbished, do check out Grolen Computers. I really think you’ll be relieved as I am to work with a great company!

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Look forward to some FREEBIE tips that Grolen will be sharing with us over the next couple of months. This is going to be great for everyone!

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