New laptop, lightening speed, great price: Grolen Computers!!!!

New laptop, lightening speed, great price: Grolen Computers!!!!

A couple weeks ago I shared with you the new computer spot that I’ve grown to appreciate, Grolen Computers on Elm St in Manchester. You can read about that post HERE. Besides the fact that it’s wonderful speaking person to person and not have to wait and look around for someone in the right department, I’m also getting exactly what I’m looking for with a great price!

Well, my hubby got his new laptop Thursday. I went with a refurbished HP laptop and it’s perfect in its sleek silver color. Paul was using it today and kept saying, “WOW! This thing is fast!” It has exactly what he needs for work and if we had bought new, it would have cost a lot more for this computer. So glad we went down this path!

If I do have questions or issues for some reason later on, I have no problem heading back in and I know they will help me.

I asked Grolen if they could give us some tips over the next few months about computer care and they are more than happy to put some great pointers together for us in the near future.

Looking for a new computer or laptop? Head to Grolen and check them out!

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814 Elm St


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