Grolen Computers: Free tips for your laptop

I’m always looking for tips to keep up with my computer! I am on the computer quite a bit, but I’m often clueless about a lot of things we should know.

So, I sat down with Grolen Computers the other day and got some great tips together to share with you.

Extending your battery life:

One thing my son always says to me is that I shouldn’t have my laptop plugged in all the time because it drains the battery.
Grolen said that that used to be more of something to follow, but these days the batteries are pretty much determined how long their life is when they are being built. If you do leave it plugged in most of the time, it may make a little difference in the life, but you’d never know the difference.

If you’re unplugged, it’s recommended to have your laptop in power saving mode. When you’re not using it, put it in sleep mode to save on your battery life.

Keeping open pages to a minimal helps to save your battery life as well.

Protect from viruses:

Always update your computer when it recommends! These updates include the updates to your protecting your computer.

When opening attachments in your email and Facebook, don’t rush to do so. Hesitate a bit and make sure these attachments are legit.

Be cautious of the ads on your sidebar. Sometimes businesses are compromised and they are not aware.

And though we can be careful as can be, we could still get hit with the dreaded virus. If/when that happens, contact Grolen to save the day!

They are a family-owned company with a super reputation for personal needs and business needs.

To see more about Grolen, check out our other post HERE. They have much to offer in care for your computers as well as helping you find new computers and programs for you personally and for your business.

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