Made In NH Favorites—Expo This Weekend

Made In NH Favorites—Expo This Weekend

Last year was the first year I went to the Made in NH Expo and I LOVED IT!!!! and I now have several new companies that I use as my go-to for some fun and for special gifts and for me.

I can’t wait until this weekend, because the Made In NH Expo will be at the Radisson! Woooohoooo! I will be there!

Some of these companies or products that were my favorites from last year were:

Talk it Up Cat tee

Talk It Up Tees: I love this company and their products. Two neighbors whose children head off to school full time, put their heads together and come up with these super fun, creative and laughable graphic tees, hats and more! I have the Choose Happy Baseball Shirt. I love the colors, the shirt is soft and a great quality! It’s definitely one of my favorite shirts. My favorite line on the shirt is the one that says, “Be happy, it drives people crazy!” Right then and there I knew I needed this shirt! I wore it today around the house but want to make sure I wash it tomorrow to wear to my kiddos ball games! We were looking on their site last night and already know that I’ll be buying a couple of the 603 Camo American Flag hats for my son for his birthday and one for husband for Father’s Day!!!! They have shirts for all passions, whether it’s gardening or loving wine, or exploring the great 603-area. If you’re looking for something custom made, they can do that too. I asked them if they could make something for a family reunion and absolutely they can.

Mount Washington at NH Expo

M/S Mount Washington:  From Mother’s Day Brunches, to Scenic Foliage cruises, to Sunset Dinner Cruises, the beautiful Mount Washington Vessel has its footprint in NH. Its beginning is rich in history and has offered many happy gatherings,  parties, proposals and weddings throughout the years. Growing up in NH and vacationing often in the Winnipesaukee area, we often saw the cruise ship along the lake but I didn’t have the opportunity to experience until I was a young adult. It’s a wonderful fun experience to share with friends and/or family. There are many specials they offer which every family appreciates, I know. Children 5 and under are free and they offer a family rate as well! After you’ve cruised for the first time and you’ve loved it, you may want to get the season pass to be able to enjoy the cruise several other times during the season. There are many Themed Parties through October with even more special pricing. For example the Family Night offers kids 12 and under free to cruise tickets (2 per family)! That is not seen very often at places, is it! The company must certainly have families in mind. Take a look at the other cruise themes HERE!  Any of these would make great gifts too. We plan taking the family this summer before my oldest son, Brock heads to college. It will be a fun family memory with a great place to take lots of family photos!

Far Out Bubbles

Far Out Bubbles: It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s all about big bubbles! The demonstrations brought many adults WOW-ing at the gigantic and continual bubbles going all across the front of the building. Kids will love this and adults will too. We got one and we plan on using it for graduation day and for 4th of July….and we’re adults LOL. Can you imagine how much fun your kids will have using this. I’ve gone through a lot of bubble products over the years having as many children as we do and I can tell you this one surpasses any I ever had. Get one, heck, get two, you’re going to have fun!!!

YaYa Organics

YaYa OrganicsWhen I even look at a photo of a tick, I squirm. I hate ticks and I’m afraid of ticks!!!!! This year is going to be awful because we never had a long enough freeze for all those nasty creatures to hibernate, so we are going to have an abundance more. We live in the country, we love to be outdoors, my kids are most often in a ball field and we have a dog too! I was quiet relieved to bump into the YaYa Organics booth to chat with them extensively about their products and their ingredients in the products. I did come home and read many reviews online and do think that this product will be able to bring my worry down to a minimum. The Tick product is also suppose to help with keeping black flies away. Tomorrow will be a good test as the black flies have been a nuisance at the ball fields.

The American Bead Collections: There were a lot, a lot, a lot of jewelry booths, this one was our absolute favorite. I think what really drew us in was her pendants, though all her beads were beautiful and I’d certainly be able to go on quite a shopping spree choosing from all her creations. The colors of the beads were rich! The pendants had possibilities of adding some birthstone colors to it’s design and you could really customize it by adding a bead to the chain. Speaking of the chains, she had several sizes to choose from and they were classy but sturdy. When my mind is still thinking about something for more than 2 days, it’s something that I really have to have!

Wick-It Cool Candles: I felt like I ran in to an old friend when I came across this booth! A couple years ago, I saw these candles at the fair and thought they were the neatest thing. I wasn’t able to find them online later on during the year, but was hoping I’d one day come across these candles again. Yay!!! I did. These candles are so cool, here’s why…As the candle burns, a massage oil will melt and form a pool of warm massage oil. (in other candles, you’d think it was melted wax) Dip your fingertips in and massage the warm oil from your fingertips to your skin. There are more scents than I can count that you can choose from and they all smell wonderful and feel wonderful on your skin!

Better Than Average:  These yummy products are for everyone, but if you are or know anyone who loves MOXIE, then this site will be your best friend. Not only do they have Moxie Jelly, but they also have Moxie BBQ Sauce. They had samples of meatballs with their sauce and jelly and oh, my goodness! Let’s say we visited this booth a few times during the day! The company boasts of using products from local products from local farms. They have many flavors to spice up or add delicious flavors to your recipes. Not sure what to buy first, head to their sampler packages first and have fun finding your favorite. I can already tell you, you’ll have many favorites!

Spicy Mike’s Gourmet Condiments is the way ketchup is suppose to taste when it’s grown up! It’s a sassy (saucy) taste that you’ll love!


I’m not a ketchup fan, but I am a huge Spicy Mike’s fan! Use it for dips, meatballs in the crockpot, a spicy mac and cheese, on your hotdogs, burgers and more! Not only is it great tasting, but it contains zero high fructose corn syrup and is low in sodium and sugar.

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