A Career Opportunity in NH

Several times a month, I get emails asking if I’M hiring. I”m not, but my husband can help you out. I spoke with him and he said that he’s looking for a few more people to work for him. My husband works in the insurance business, mostly helping seniors, but they do offer many other products!

This was a career change for my husband several years ago and it’s been the best thing to happen to us. Not only does he help a lot of people of all ages but he loves his job and his office has a lot of great perks. It’s hard work, but the positives are fantastic! This isn’t just a job, this is a career and it is full time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience, they train you and help you to get your insurance license.

You can email or call Paul, my husband, and he’ll be happy to go over things with you. They also have a briefing at the office once or twice a week that explains everything you need to know, what to expect etc.

If you live in NH and would like more information,  give him a call, 603 341 5096. His email is paulsinsuranceunit@hotmail.com He’d be happy to speak with you, if he doesn’t answer leave him a message and he’ll call you back. If you know someone who is looking for a job pass this on or share it on your facebook.

Truly, this path has changed so much for our family!

I hope this helps!!! ~Kim

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