Hannaford To Go! Amazing!!!!!

Hannaford To Go! Amazing!!!!!

On a day like this I was glad to have Hannaford Supermarkets​ to go! Seriously, Can you imagine never stepping foot into a grocery store again! Hannaford does all your shopping for you!! All you have to do is create your order online, pull your car around to the side of the store and they load it without you ever stepping out of your car! And by the way..the checkout people are super friendly!

I have a lot of reasons why I love this service, but the number one reason is because of the time it saves. HUGE on my list! It saves me money as well because I’m sticking to my list and I can check my pantry to see if I need an ingredient rather than be guessing at the store.

You never need to worry about not getting fresh product, they are picked and looked at and chosen with the highest standards!

Take a peek at this week’s flyer here and begin with their great sales to create your shopping list. I’m telling you, you’re going to love it! I have haddock on my list and in my notes I asked for them to choose the thickest piece and wanted between 1-1/2 pounds! I know it will be a perfect cut because I’ve done this plenty of times and it always is! 🙂

Get to it my friends, you’ll be driving out of the parking lot laughing, you’ll be so happy!
It’s not just me who thinks this, here’s what a reader wrote on our Facebook Page this week…..

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2 Responses to Hannaford To Go! Amazing!!!!!

  1. Kathleen Boisvert says:

    Hmmm..I’ll have to try it sometime. What about produce? (Somebody else picking it seems strange!)
    How long does it take you to “make” your shopping list on-line?

    • southernnewhampshirekids says:

      Yes, the produce is examined for best quality! My list the 1st couple of times took a little while, just because it was new for me to use. After that I flew through it. You can set your list up as a saved list for each week and go in to make changes and add ons. You WILL love it!

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