Fun Getaway: North Conway

Fun Getaway: North Conway

Recently myself, husband and my 14 year old, Camden, took a weekend up north to the North Conway area. What a great time we had. I thought with April vacation and summer vacation so close by, this was perfect timing to share the great spots we went to.


Two weeks later, Camden is still talking about the Mystery NH Escape Rooms in North Conway. We had been talking about going to one of these for over a year and we are sooooo glad we finally did. What a neat experience.

While waiting to head into our room that we’d be escaping from, there were tables with puzzles and riddles to solve. We flew through them, getting all the answers correct. The know it alls that we thought we were, were absolutely sure we were going to fly through the calamity that the room would hold for us and escape in record time!

Hahaha! Not so easy as we thought! We had the hurricane room. We were told a hurricane was moving in and we had 1 hour to escape the room to find safety or we would die. I did think that we would be given the first clue to solve, but nope, you had to find the first clue yourself as soon as the door closed.

Now we’re not going to share any of the examples that we had to solve, we wouldn’t want to ruin it for you. What I would like to tell you is that my Camden did really good. In fact, much better than my husband and I and my husband is so smart and thinks outside the box. Extra clues are given to you through the monitor of your host and you can ask for extra clues throughout your hour.

Let me tell you, the time flies by!!!! It’s very exciting. As the time moves on you may feel yourself a little more on edge. For us, the winds in the background became a little louder and I realized I was getting tense and telling them to “HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!!!”

Sadly, we did not survive. But, it was our first time going and later that night, we were actually thinking about heading back to try another room but they were booked. We LOVED it!

My son and dad have a birthday coming up soon and we’ll be giving them a gift certificate to go with Camden. It’s such a blast. It’s a must to put this on your Summer Fun List!

Keep up to date with riddles and seeing what new rooms they are creating by following Mystery NH Escape Room on Facebook!!!!!!

I’m tellin’ ya! You need to try it out, you WILL have a blast!

North Conway Outlets-Settler’s Green
Santa’s Village isn’t too far from the area! We LOVE Santa’s village!
Movies theater is in the same plaza as the Mystery NH Escape


Okay, so what’s next….how about where to eat!!!!!

Let’s start with breakfast. Just know, once you go here, you will find yourself wishing on a weekly basis that you want to head back. This great little restaurant that I’m speaking about is called Peach’s!

I don’t know if I can tell you what to have, because everything is so good here. I’m really not kidding. Looking at the menu, you’ll want to try a lot. When you read their special’s board, you’ll want to try all those. When you see the muffins, you’ll order one or two of those while you’re looking at the menu and if you look at the plates being brought to other tables, you’ll say you’ll have one of each. Again, I’m really not kidding! I will tell you that I had the Peach Stuffed French Toast, Camden had the Strawberry Chocolate Stuffed French Toast, Paul had the Peach Crepes. Yes we did order a grilled blueberry muffin and we had to try their infamous peach coffee cake. The hash is homemade and delicious and the pan fries are yummy too!

This is not the first time I’ve been here, but it was the first for my Paul and Camden.

Peach’s Restaurant is very popular and you’ll often see a wait on the front porch. It’s worth the wait. So good!

Peach’s is open until 2:30 everyday for breakfast and lunch. They do serve breakfast all day. Oh, bring a pen along. Napkin art/messages are displayed on all the tables. You never know if they’ll pick yours to place on their tables.


How about one more restaurant…….

Again, this restaurant is not the first time we’ve been here. We’ve frequented here a lot over the years.

Merlino’s Steakhouse is a great stop for lunch and dinner. We went here after the Mystery NH Escape. We were starving from trying so hard to escape, we couldn’t wait to eat.

You know when everything looks good, it’s so hard to decide what to get. Lately, I’ve been asking our waitress what her suggestions are and I’ve been really glad in the end. We took the advice of our waitress and ordered the combo platter and the bruschetta. Oh, my gosh, the bruschetta was amazing, none quite like I have ever had before.

For our main meals, Paul got the Seafood Macaroni and Cheese. The table next to us had ordered this and we could hear them over and over saying how delicious it was. When Paul got his, he agreed wholeheartedly!

I went with the surf and turf. Steak cooked perfectly and the scallops were delicious!!!! Camden was back and forth from hamburger to steak. The specialty hamburgers we’ve had before and are really good. This time Camden went with the Teriyaki steak and it melted in his mouth.

Merlino’s has a Sunday Brunch that is very popular. We went passed the steakhouse on our way home and the parking lot was full!

It’s a great place to stop and you’ll know you’ll be getting great food!


Some of our favorite spots over the years:

Attitash Grand Summit
North Conway Grand Hotel
Indian Head Resort
Adventure Suites

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  2. Kathleen Boisvert says:

    Thanks for posting about North Conway~ it’s been a few years since I have been able to get up there!
    That food looks awesome! What a great trip… 🙂

  3. Kathleen Boisvert says:

    I meant to ask~ Did you really like the Escape room? I’ve always been curious about those! Do you think it would be too difficult for younger kids? (10?)

    • southernnewhampshirekids says:

      Seriously loved it. If I had a 10 year old, I would take them. But it depends on the child. I do know that some rooms are are meant for younger at times. I’d call and ask what room they would recommend.

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