The Centsible Gardener Series: No Space? How to Grow a Container Garden


No Space, No Problem! How to Grow a Container Garden

Do you not have a large backyard? Or perhaps you live in an apartment or condo and have no backyard at all. Whatever the case may be, if you are limited on space it does not mean you can’t have a productive garden! How so you ask? A container garden is the answer to all of your small space problems! With a container garden, you can still grow all of your favorite flowers and vegetables in one small and compact space. Using a simple container of your choice, you can easily grow a bountiful crop this season right on your own patio!

Interested? Take a peek below to see how easy it is to grow your own small container garden. We have broken it down to seven simple steps to get you started!

How to Grow a Container Garden in Five Easy Steps:

1. Opt for seeds instead of plants.
At a local nursery, pepper plants are $1.95 each, however you can get at least a dozen great seeds out of a packet of seeds that costs $1.00 or even less. So instead, start from seed and spend a few pennies per plant.

2. Visit your thrift store for containers.
Your local gardening center may have large planters, but at the cost of as much as $20.00 each! Instead, look for less expensive options. Many times, people buy more than they need for a project and donate the rest. Why not shop second hand stores for all of your tools, gardening gloves, watering cans, pots, saucers and more?

3. Plan on perennials.
If you love flowers, plan on planting perennials. Annuals will only last one season. However, there are lots of perennials that look great in container gardens, and if you bring them indoors at the end of the season, they are sure to give you another spectacular show in the spring!

4. Find a sunny spot.
Your container garden will do great on a sunny deck, patio, or even sidewalk. Watch your surroundings for a few days and figure out which spot gets at least 6-8 hours of good sun. Once you know, you know where to put your container!

5. Consider climbing varieties.
Since a container is limited in space, choose plants that grow upwards. If you put a stake or trellis in your container, you can easily grow string beans, climbing tomato plants, morning glories, and so much more!

6. Don’t forget to feed.
Even small gardens need lots of food and water. Don’t forget to water regularly and fertilize your container garden to keep it flourishing for you. Follow planting directions to know how much to feed so you don’t overfeed your small garden.

7. Keep your eyes peeled in the off season.
Keep your eyes open for materials during the off season. Extra pots and tools can be stocked up on and used later.

As you can see, you are only seven steps away from a great container garden! If you are limited on space, don’t worry. Even the smallest space can produce an abundant container garden. So gather your supplies and get planting your own container garden today. When it starts producing for you, you will be so glad you did!

Check back tomorrow for more gardening ideas and tips! 

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