Experience New Restaurants & Broaden Your Horizons

Experience New Restaurants & Broaden Your Horizons

I’m really excited about this new project that I’m doing with the radio segment, Food For Thought With Carol! 

How many of you head to the same restaurant time after time and order the same thing time after time. I know I did. Reason being, I knew they were a good restaurant and I knew I enjoyed the food that I ordered.

Well, this new project we’re doing is heading to different restaurants in the Manchester area, heading in and letting my server  order for me. Daring, huh! Yeah, but it’s been fun and delicious and each Friday you can hear us chat about our experiences on the radio show between 12:30 and 1:00

The first week Amanda and I headed into the Veranda Martini Bar & Grille

Veranda Martini Bar & Grille: 

The Veranda is located in Manchester on Hanover St. and I will say if you haven’t been before, now is the best time in my opinion to begin to go as their beautiful outdoor veranda is open!

The ambiance is welcoming inside and out. You’ll want to take a peek at their Facebook page to see the photos of the atmosphere and lots of food that the owner takes and posts often! You’ll be hopping in your car when you see the photos.

Okay, so let’s get back to what we ate. We totally left it up to our server. I was a little nervous as they ordered me something I know I really would have not ordered….but guess, I LOVED IT!!!!

I had the Sicilian Haddock which is fresh baked haddock over a creamy buttery spinach risotto and topped with a Fra Diavolo sauce and shredded parmesan cheese. As I’m writing this my mouth is watering! I wasn’t too sure about the red sauce with the haddock, but after my first bite, my hesitation was in the past!

Amanda had the Mahi Mahi which is one of their specials. Now what I love about the Veranda is that their menu is just a guide. They pride themselves in creating specials or customizing a plate to your palate! Amanda was just as pleased with her plate.

A couple other benefits at the Veranda is that they have charging stations at the bar for your phones, which we did have to use ourselves. They have Happy Times specials Tuesday-Thursday from 4:00-6:00!


They also have a $5 lunch menu. Are you kidding me? $5 for a juicy burger, fish sandwich and more. They also have Buck A Shuck Oysters, which is quite popular! See more of their specials HERE! 

Oh, gosh, I almost forgot to tell you that they are serving brunch now on Sundays. From crepes to eggs of your choice, plus of course, cocktails!

So, Veranda is now a new restaurant on my list which I will frequent, for sure! And you know what, I’ll be sure to let my server choose for me as they made a great, pleasing choice for us!

Who knows, maybe we’ll see you there too? Hope so! Happy dining!



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