Pesky Critters gets rid of bugs, bees and other pests!

Pesky Critters gets rid of bugs, bees and other pests!

First, if you’re anything like me and hate bugs, ticks and other pesky critters, it’s a MUST you call Pesky Critters! They are a family business who we’ve been using for well over 10 years. We were in desperate need of a bug exterminator and the quotes we were getting were insane from other companies. A friend of a friend recommended Pesky Critters and whenever he gave me his price, I was like, “Heck, when can you come over, we’ll even come pick you up if you want!” And that was it, every year since then we’ve used them. Our house is safe from bugs, hornets, spiders, mice and more. We got into a routine of having them come for prevention purposes and I never worry about having a problem now.

Let me tell you a quick story….the second or third year we had Pesky Critters come, my boys, who were 6 and 7 at the time, informed them there were bees flying around near their fort in the woods. (I hadn’t known the boys had said this to them) Later on, I see the “bug guy” coming out of the woods. When I went to meet him he let me know what the boys had told them and he had had time to check it out. Turns out, there was a dead tree near their fort with a huge, huge, huge bee’s nest inside it. Thankfully, Pesky Critters took care of what would have been a nightmare situation! What a guy! What a company!

Pesky Critters covers NH and some areas of MA. Give them a call and they will certainly help you out.

NH: 603-895-5222  |  MA: 978-203-0436

Pesky Critters has the ECP Stamp of Approval. I know you’ll be just as happy with them!

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