Easy Delicious Meals Using Healthy Solutions Spice Blends

Easy Delicious Meals Using Healthy Solutions Spice Blends

Easy and delicious meals is what you’ll be serving anytime you’re using the Healthy Solutions Spice Blends.

Watch our news segment HERE where I share why I LOVE these packets!

It’s no doubt, we want to save money whenever we can, but do you ever wish you could put spare time in a bottle and use it for those crazy days when there isn’t enough time in the day?

ME TOO!!!!!!

I’ve mentioned several times over the years that Hannaford To Go has been a great one for helping us to save time! They do your grocery shopping for you and then deliver the groceries to your car with curbside pick up!

But what about when we get home and there are sports to run off too and a house to clean and computer work that needs to be done and then we say to ourselves, “Good grief, what’s for dinner?!”

As you may know I’m pretty good at meal planning, but there are plenty of times I get into a rut of what shall we eat this week?

The last few weeks of meal planning have been so much easier—–and our dinners have been easy to prepare and scrumptious! I love easy and delicious meals and I get them every time with these packets.

Tonight we made fish tacos and used some lime and the Herb Crusted Tilapia seasoning.  I wasn’t sure what fish seasoning to use, but I’m finding with these spices, you can’t go wrong. Dinner was a hit with all the kids. There was barely enough for me! I have never made fish tacos before, we’ll be making them again.

This weekend we made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. There’s a meatloaf spice pack. It’s a packet filled with flavor! I like to add onion and peppers in my meatloaf and my kids complain. I dared to go with just the packet and I did not feel as I was missing out at all AND my kids were happy! At 10:00 at night, two of the kids came down for leftovers! Now that says something, for sure.

You’ll never guess what I used in the mashed potatoes for a spice-the Shrimp Scampi spice. So far, it’s my favorite spice! I love pepper and it has a pepper kick to it. I’ve used it in pasta salad as well. So good!

My grandmother always loved meatloaf sandwiches with her leftover meatloaf.  I thought I’d try meatloaf sliders! This is where I got my sauteed onion, peppers and mushroom. What a great idea I had! 🙂

This week we’ll be making pizzas on the grill using some of these spices too. I’m telling ya, I’m excited to be back in the kitchen and I love the fresh recipes we’ve been coming up with and everyone enjoying the meals!

You can find the Healthy Solutions Spice Packs online HERE, as well as in many grocery stores. There’s a huge list of stores that carry this brand HERE.

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