Hello, Summer! Summer Fun 2017

Hello, Summer! Summer Fun 2017

Wow! It’s hot! Anyone want to go ice bowling?  See our very cool post of a great idea HERE! 

We have a ginormous page of staycation ideas you can find HERE!

Summer goes by so quickly and we try so hard to fit everything in, from Santa’s Village (one of my favorite spots) to day trips to the ocean. Guess what….I’ve got even more ideas for ya:

Alpine Adventures is another great place for the daredevils in your family! I personally like my feet on the ground, but my kids go crazy with these adventures! Seriously, they talk about them forever!!!!

Keep watch for more great summer fun ideas! If you have any favorite ideas or spots that your family has loved, please let us know so we can add them to our list. Email us at SNHKids@gmail.com


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