Making Meal Time Magic

Making Meal Time Magic

Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery loves to put their customers first. They consider each and every customer like family! Make your meal time magic with Cucina Aurora’s infused olive oils! My favorite is the Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil. It’s delicious for dipping bread or for adding to your cooking for a burst of flavor! They have books, infused oils, kitchenware, mixtures and risotto!

You can check out some of their awesome recipes HERE!

Unlike many oil infusions you may find, Cucina Aurora only uses 100% Olive Oil. Many other brands might use a combination of Canola, or Sunflower oil, Cucina Aurora NEVER uses oil blends.

Their oil is meant and designed for cooking. You won’t find a smoky mess when you cook with the oils. Only the clean taste of  herbs in a  high quality Olive Oil perfect for roasting, sautéing and marinating.

Cook together, eat together and learn about each other’s lives around the dinner table with Cucina Aurora’s products!  By using Cucina Aurora’s products, already infused not only with flavor, but with love, you can make quick, easy and healthy meals you can bring Meal Time Magic to your table every day.

Their team comes together to help out local charities near and dear to everyone’s hearts throughout the year and even more during the holiday season. They drive around in their little witch wagon and bring food, help, supplies and smiles all over New Hampshire.They are honored to have been recognized with the prestigious Pillar Award, from the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce for our outstanding efforts in Community Service though this unique program.

You can also check out one of their segments from WMUR-TV’s Cooks Corner!




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