School Lunches- Savings at JD Foods

Going back to school means packing those school lunches and snacks. I know I want school lunch savings, I’m sure you do too, and you can do so at JD Foods! also known as Cheesco. 

JD Foods

Every Saturday their flyer is emailed. If you’d like to receive the email as well, send an email to to be on the list.

JD Foods

There are always great deals to be found. I save money all year long shopping here, but I really notice how much more I save during the school year. I stop here first, almost always! Yogurt is a huge savings. Sometimes it’s close to expiration date, but with the prices it’s worth grabbing and freezing them and using them for smoothies.

You gotta remember this spot. I get their flyer, but really, you’ll see a lot more if you go there to see what has come off the trucks. Totally worth the trip!

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