Holiday Guide 2017

Holiday Guide 2017

Holiday Guide 2017

The stores are decorated, so, it must be time to begin our Holiday Gift Guide for 2017!

I do love this time of year! I’m a little bit out there (at least that’s what others say) because I typically decorate my house right after Halloween. I love the beauty and meaning of Christmas and I love starting the festivities as early as I do. While others say the holidays flew the day after Christmas, I sit back with a smile and say it was the perfect amount of time.

Over the last few years, I have found many local companies that I have become regular customers with. I’ll be sharing some of those companies with you as well as great deals and finds and some of our favorite picks!

Holiday Baked Goods: 

Cake Fairy Oreo Brownies

Cake Fairy, USA:
You’ll find eye pleasing and sweet tasting cupcakes, cookies, Oreo brownies, cheesecake, macaroons, coffee cakes and more-all sprinkled with magical fairy dust! During the holiday season Cake Fairy will also be hosting some fun holiday baking festivities for families.

Holiday Pies and Cakes

Red Arrow Diner:
Order your pies and cakes and be the talk of the party! There’s a reason why Red Arrow Diner wins awards after awards on their baked goods. Make your life easier and let them help you out during the holiday season.

Outdoor Fun:

McIntyre Ski Area
Bring the family together with laughter, speed, fun and a little competition with tubing at McIntyre Ski area! You can get a pack of passes to give as gifts for the Christmas stockings. We have done this several years in a row and typically head to use them on New Year’s Eve. It’s a fun way to end the vacation week, we laugh and scream like you’ve never heard. It’s a blast! Of course McIntyre has more to offer than just tubing and they are super helpful if you’re new into getting your kids into snowboarding and skiing!

Our Favorites:

Beautiful Views:
A perfect name for a really neat gift! Bring spring and summer life into your home during the cold and dismal months. There is also a coupon for $10.00 off a single unit and also 25% off additional units purchased at the same time with Free shipping. I think that works out to be an attractive offer! Use Code: coupon professors 10 off

Stay tuned for lots more information!!!!!

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