Order You Holiday Cakes & Pies

Order You Holiday Cakes & Pies

The Red Arrow Diner is known for good food, great portions and WOW desserts! If you are running around trying to do it all but wish that a little elf could whip up some amazing desserts this holiday season—-you’ve got it! Order your cakes and pies online and choose the date and location of pick up. Red Arrow Diner has bakers at each of their locations-Manchester, Milford, Londonderry and Concord.

This Thanksgiving I know we’re ordering the Boston Cream Pie, a Hannah Blueberry Pie and their Chocolate Mousse Cake! Amazing! See the huge list of pies and cakes HERE! Oh, yah, they have Pork Pies too!!!!

Red Arrow Diner Holiday Pies and Cakes

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