Cake Fairy: Cupcakes, Oreo Brownies, Macaroons and much more….

Cake Fairy: Cupcakes, Oreo Brownies, Macaroons and much more….

You could stop at this photo, but you’d be missing out seeing all the sweets the fairies create at Cake Fairy USA to help make an ordinary day an extraordinary day.

There is something magical when you hand someone a little white box that has an over-sized cupcake piled with a creamy frosting and sprinkled with fairy dust!

I came across the Cake Fairy last year. I learned that it was a mom’s dream to one day have a bakery and it all came true with the her daughter being a part of it several years later.

Cake Fairy Fall Cupcakes

Fall is in the air and pumpkin and apple baked goods can be found
in their bakery. You will of course also find chocolate, peanut butter and many other delicious baked goods in forms of cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, coffee cakes and more.

All the baked goods are sprinkled with cake fairy dust before leaving the store adding that little extra personal touch.

Most definitely follow Cake Fairy, USA on Facebook as they have many fun events for kids and families throughout the holiday season!

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