Neighborhood Lights 2017

Neighborhood Lights 2017

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Every Christmas Eve our family goes out finding several homes all lit up. Crank the Christmas music up, run out for photos and come back in the car to drive on to the next house while sipping hot chocolate! Just another family tradition that our family enjoys together.

Please note these changes:

I would take the following addresses off the list as there were no lights at all

47 Wallingford Road

32 Wellesley Drive

326 Nashua Street

The following addresses were just random lights put up – not a huge lights display at all (just your routine lights)

14 Farley Street

435 and 148 Savage Road

360 Osgood Road

99 Union Street

Below is a list of street addresses that have been sent to me, I found off the internet and/or have been to. Some of these addresses are from last year, but several have been added this year. Grab your cups of hot cocoa and hop in your car:

Saddle Hill Rd
Airline Rd

20 Stephen Drive
Rosewell Rd
22 Brick Mill Rd
Sandstone Dr: Friday and Saturday if there is no rain

84 North Water Street

Mountain Rd
Burough Rd
Monroe St
Pleasant St
Grove St
Plum St

105 Kilrea Road- Display looks like a gingerbread house

Luke’s Lights

15 Pasture Drive

176 Main St

75 Pelham Rd
Glenn Dr (close to Pelham Rd)
synchronized lights

Edwards St
Pine Hill Extension
Old North Main St- 2 houses on this street

Naticook Drive

3 King Edward Dr
Visit their Facebook Page HERE!

Loudon Race Track: Gift of Lights

Pond Dr
Bristol St
Kennedy Ave

4 Bon Ave
Pine St
6 Jade Rd
Turkey Hill Rd
Mallard Point Rd
Bean Rd
Klara Dr (off Bean Rd)
synchronized music, tune radio to 107.5
Greatstone Drive
Synchronized lights to songs when you tune into 88.1 FM. Starts about 5PM

14 Farley St
47 Wallingford Rd
32 Wellesley Dr
3 Fallconer Ave
435 Savage Rd
148 Savage Rd
326 Nashua St
14 Park St
360 Osgood Rd
157 Westchester Dr
99 Union St
Then head to the Red Arrow Diner for some yummy food and a fun experience. In Milford, they are located at 63 Union Square. They also have locations in Manchester and Londonderry. They are a 24 hour diner, so anytime is a good time to eat there.

13 Country Side Dr
Synchronized lights. Tune in to 107.5

The Prime Rose Complex

Betts Rd

North Policy Street
Bradford Dr
Jamil Dr

9 Red Oak Hill Drive

Intervale Rd

6 Anderson Rd
Ryan Farm RD
The Mill House on Mammoth and Anderson Road

I’d love to add more to the list. If you know anymore addresses, please send them to me at and I’ll add them to our list or text me at 603-494-2933.

Please note, some of these addresses were from last year, I can’t promise they are lit up this year. I’m happy to add and change addresses as you find them too. You’ll help to make this list grow and improve and for that I thank you!!!!

Merry Christmas!

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