Kid’s Crafts and Acitivities for Passover

Passover begins on Monday, March 25th and runs through April 2nd.  To celebrate many families will be enjoying a Passover Seder on Monday with family and friends.

Here are a few activities and crafts to help engage the kids and teach them the story of Passover!

  • During the Israelites’ exodus from Egpyt, they left their homes in such haste that they did not have time to let their dough rise.  Matzah is eaten during Passover to commemorate this exodus from Egypt.  There are different plates, containers and covers that are used for the Matzah during Seder which got me thinking, wouldn’t it be fun if the kids made a their own covers?  They could be used on the main dining table or at a kids table! All you need is a piece of felt, some glue and some decorations (glitter, jewels, fabric paint, etc).  Here’s an example to inspire you!
  • To teach children the story of how the Jewish people fled their homes in Egypt, they can build their own houses out of matzo!  You could then use the houses as centerpieces for your table.
  • The Passover Seder Plate is wrought with symbolism and what better way to teach the kids about that symbolism than to have them make their own Seder Plates.  Craft Ideas for Kids has several kid-friendly Seder Plate ideas.  They range from very simple to a little more complicated depending on your child’s age and interest.
  • Kids can make easily make Elijah’s cup to be used at Seder.  Go to the dollar store and get a durable and non-breakable : ) cup that the kids can have fun decorating.  You could use permanent markers, acrylic paint, jewels, or anything else that you have lying around the house.  While their decorating their cups you could reinforce the story about the Prophet Elijah (every moment can be turned into a teachable one, right?).
  • Want to animate the story of the Plagues during Passover Seder?  How about making some jumping origami frogs with your kids.  These were so cute that I had to make some for my two year-old!  In my house there is no better way to get the kids to remember a story than to use some visual (and jumping) aids!

I hope you enjoy these kid’s craft ideas!




Matzo Cover

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