Decorate Your Easter Eggs with Temporary Tattoos

The kids and I recently tried decorating some Easter eggs with a new technique…Tattooing the Eggs!  This was very simple and, better yet, mess-free!   I have a stash of temporary tattoos in our crafts closet that I’ve collected from birthday parties and other special events.  After being inspired by some crafty moms, I decided to break out our temporary tattoos and use them to decorate some of our Easter eggs.  Each of my kids picked out the tattoos that they wanted to use and we started decorating!  To apply the temporary tattoo to the egg you simply place the tattoo face-down on the surface of a hard-boiled egg, dampen the tattoo with a cloth or sponge and then apply pressure to the tattoo for a few seconds.  Carefully remove the tattoo paper and voila!  The temporary tattoo should now be on your egg.  You could give your eggs a more colorful kick by dying the eggs prior to applying the tattoos.

Here are our princess and dinosaur eggs!  The kids LOVED them and of course, had to pack them in their school lunches to show their teachers and all of their friends.


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