Fairy Tale Festival

Calling all Fairies, Royalty, Mer-people and everyone else who loves Fairy Tales!  On July 20th your family can dive into some free fun at the Fairy Tale Festival at Greeley Park in Nashua, NH from 10am-1pm.  This year’s theme is “Oceans of Discovery” and is sure to delight little undersea explorers and mermaid lovers.  There will be character meet and greets to include a meet and greet with Mermaid Giovanna!  The Festival will also host a variety of activities to delight the little ones such as face painting, music, dancing, arts and crafts and much more.  Of course, good food will also be on hand to replenish you after your long sea journey.

Denise McIntosh is the Festival’s Director and Head Fairy (I love it!).  Denise runs this entirely free day of family fun with the help and sponsorship of local businesses and a crew of enthusiastic volunteers.  Their objective is to promote literacy through this fun and exciting event.  What better way to promote literacy than to stimulate the kids’ imaginations by bringing beloved stories to life!  And, if that isn’t enough to get them excited, then the free book that they’ll receive at the Festival is sure to do the trick.

I am very much looking forward to exploring the Festival with my own crew.  So, dust off your fairy wings, have the kids throw on their prettiest princess dresses and most daring pirate outfits and set out to explore the magic of the Fairy Tale Festival.  You can find your personal invitation to the Fairy Tale Festival complete with all the information you’ll need at this link!

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