Celebrating Three Kings Day with the Kids

On January 6th, the Twelfth Day of Christmas we celebrate Little Christmas or Three Kings Day, which is a celebration of the three wise men’s visit to the Infant Jesus.  This year we will be celebrating in our home by playing our own “follow the star” game to lead us to baby Jesus.  Once the kids find the infant Jesus we will make and decorate star-shaped sugar cookies and have some hot chocolate topped with star sprinkles!

Follow The Star Game:

  1. I made the kids a simple map to follow to find baby Jesus.  I also created three clues to help them get to the end.
  2. Each clue leads the children to one of three gold stars that I’ve placed around our home.  Once they find the third star they will find Jesus (and get their treats)!

The kids love scavenger/treasure hunts!  They are even more excited for this one because they painted the stars themselves earlier this week (we got these wooden stars at the craft store for 69 cents each).  I’m hoping that this activity will be a fun way to reinforce the story!  Of course we will also be reading the story of the wise men to them.

If you are interested in getting out this Sunday then you can check out the Boston Children’s Museum’s celebration of Three Kings Day.  From 11am-3pm the Boston Children’s Museum will have live musical performances, games and crafts to wrap up the holiday season and celebrate this twelfth day of Christmas.

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