Kindness Counts

Kindness really does count and it is such an important thing to foster in our children!  A child’s innocence coupled with his innate kindness and compassion is beautiful and praiseworthy.  I am constantly humbled by the children in my life and their love and generosity towards others.

Sprout has a lovely campaign geared directly towards teaching and incentivizing kindness in our children.  Their campaign is entitled “Kindness Counts: Because Small Acts Matter Big” and it encourages children to make small acts of kindness.  Your child can then share his kind act on their website and receive a personal video from one of his Sprout friends, have his photo featured in Sprout’s kindness gallery and enter his act in Sprout’s kindness ticker.  Sprout’s “Kindness Counts” website can be found here.

I would love for you to share your child’s kind act on this blog as well by leaving a comment (and/or leave a comment on our facebook page)!  It would be wonderful to collaborate ideas about how our children can help and show kindness to others.  Our children truly are the light of the world so let’s help them shine and make their good deeds known!  I will also be sure to comment and share my children’s acts of kindness.

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