Winter Fun in Your Backyard!

As I was compiling a list of winter sports I realized that I should also post all of those fun activities that you can do right in your own backyard.  I perpetually underestimate how much fun my children can have with the simple things – like all that cold snow in my backyard!  I have never been someone who much enjoys the cold or (to be completely honest) the snow.  That said, the more it snows, the more snow grows on me.  I don’t know if it’s the way my children’s faces light up whenever they see snow falling outside.  Or maybe it’s the pure excitement and joy they get from getting all bundled up to go sledding and make snowmen.  Either way, I am finding snow increasingly appealing the more I take a step back and see it through the eyes of my children.  So, in short, don’t forget to get the kids suited up in their winter layers and send them outside for some good, old fashioned romping around in the snow!  Some of our favorite backyard winter activities include:

Some of my crew enjoying the snow!

  • Sledding
  • Making Snow Angels: I can’t even begin to tell you how much my girls love making snow angels!
  • Having a Snowball Fight: This is also a huge hit in our backyard.
  • Building a Snow Fort: My brother-in-law makes some of the most impressive snow forts I’ve ever seen.  I wish that I could build a good snow fort but I never seem to be able to : ).
  • Building a Snow Man
  • Using Sand Toys in the Snow: This is a huge hit especially among my younger children.  A shovel and pale can go a long way in the snow!
  • Playing Snow Tag: My children love chasing each other around, playing tag in the snow.  Their little feet always tend to sink into the snow making it harder for them to move around and chase each other.  I think that the added degree of difficulty makes in more fun for them!
  • Shoveling: OK, so this is a self-serving activity for the kids….but the kids seem to really like helping out with the shoveling.  If only they also enjoyed vacuuming and doing the laundry…
  • Snow Painting: I really enjoy this very simple activity along with the kids!  If you mix food coloring with water you can make different color paints to take outside and splash on the snow.  It adds a fun splash of color to all of that white and the kids love it!

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