Review of Princesses and Superhero Weekend at Edaville USA


On Sunday the kids and I spent time with royalty at Edaville USA’s Superheroes and Princesses Day.  Aside from all of the amusement park and Dinoland fun that you can have, Edaville had special times when you could meet and greet your favorite superheroes and princesses.  Kids were also encouraged to come in costume and participate in Edaville’s costume parades and contests.  My favorite part of the day was the themed goodies that you could get at the bakery.  Check out these super hero cupcakes.  They also had themed cookies for Dinoland’s Grand Opening and whole bunch of other delectable goodies.


I love watching all of the kids meet their favorite super heroes and princesses.  They’re joy and excitement is contagious.  Edaville USA runs themed weekends throughout the summer with themes including Western Weekend, Curious George, Hello Kitty and more!  For information on Edaville’s schedule and for an inside look at Edaville USA please visit these respective links.


I had to share a picture of Princess Anna of Arendelle and Super J.  Edaville: If you need any more princesses and superheroes these kids would be more than happy to join your crew!  🙂

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