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I recently attended a wonderful event hosted by Braun Thermometers at the beautiful Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge, MA.  The event included a cooking demo from Chef Peter Davis (more to come on this!) and a cold and flu prep session that featured the latest from Braun Thermometers.


One of the amazing engineers that developed the Braun No-Touch + Forehead Thermometer!

Braun’s newest Thermometer is a must-have for every families’ medicine cabinet.  The Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer is incredibly gentle and easy to use with both its no touch and touch mode.  I was able to test the newest addition to the Braun Thermometer Family and loved it!  The thermometer accurately records temperatures within seconds by either placing the thermometer on the forehead (in touch mode) or by holding it in front of the forehead (in the no -touch mode).


Braun Touch + Forehead Thermometer
What I love about this is that it is a completely no-fuss thermometer.  In my opinion, neither the adult taking the temperature nor the sick child will have any difficulty.    You simply press a button, hold the thermometer in place for a few seconds and Voila!   The Braun Thermometer is also quiet and gentle enough to use on sleeping children.  I have always heeded the words “never wake a sleeping child” and I’m happy to now have a thermometer that follows the same advice.


I pray that my children (and yours!) remain healthy throughout this cold and flu season.  That said, should illness hit our house, my mommy toolbox is equipped with warm soup, lots of love and the Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer.

Braun also offers an ear thermometer.  The Braun ThermoScan is the number one brand among doctors and is widely regarded as the benchmark for accuracy and reliability.  This thermometer is also easy to use and accurate.  As the ThermoScan must be placed in the ear to get a reading, you must use hygienic disposable lens filters.   Personally, I like the ease of the No Touch Thermometer as it eliminates the need for the disposable lens filters. That said, I don’t think you can go wrong with either the No Touch + Forehead or the Braun ThermoScan.

I wish you and your family lots of happy and healthy days in the coming seasons!

Please keep an eye out for the Braun Truck!  For every temperature taken Braun will make a donation to a local Children’s Hospital!



I would like to thank Braun, Henrietta’s Table and 360 Public Relations for inviting me to this great event.  I would also like to thank my wonderful friends at Mom’s Lifesavers for thinking of me with this event.  I’m very grateful!

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  1. Oh, I heard that this thermometer is really good. Braun thermometer is so famous and everyone knows them. One of the best thermometers that a mom must have for her little children.

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