Mad Science Summer Camp

Water Screw

Mad Science Summer Programs offer a combination of in-class discovery and exploration, outdoor games and physical activities, and hands-on applications of the scientific principles presented.

Your child will be able to touch, see, hear, smell and taste what science is really all about. We use simple, real world science techniques that allow even the youngest of scientists to enjoy our learning environment. Children create, build and assemble a variety of take-home projects while exploring how science affects the world around us.

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Rube Goldberg

Mad Machines and Crazy Contraptions, Ages 7-12

Inventing means curiosity! Throughout this program, children will overcome a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors and most important of all- their mind. With a little bit of ingenuity, children will create catapults and forts, construct working light sticks to take home and assemble a set of circuits with batteries and light bulbs. While Thomas Edison said “Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration;” this program is 100% FUN!

Super, Duper Science Sampler, Ages 7-12

Explore five of the coolest branches of science on your way to becoming a certified Jr. Mad Scientist. Discover how bugs walk on water and learn what an owl eats as we dissect owl pellets in Biology; build towering structures and ingenious contraptions in Engineering; assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults in Machines; catch a shadow and view the world through a variety of lenses and prisms in Shutterbugs; stir-up crazy concoctions that become candy in Chemistry. It’s a camp so great it’s Super-Duper!

Secret Agent Lab, Ages 7-12

Look out 007 – the Mad Science Secret Agent Lab is in session! Become a Mad Science secret spy and take a fascinating journey into the world of detection, forensics, and classified information. Learn code language to send secret messages as part of your mission. Go undercover and decode messages from other agents while investigating a “crime scene.” Join the Mad Science Bureau of Investigation and collect fingerprints, gather clues, use spy tools, and transform the space into your very own crime lab!

Rockin’ Rockets and Fantastic Flights, Ages 7-12

Grab your flight gear and sense of adventure as Mad Science invites you to fly with science in our exciting flight camp, “Fantastic Flight!” From the earliest flying machines to the first rocket flights, you will experiment with different kinds of propulsion systems as you use your knowledge to blast off, track, and recover different kinds of rockets. Mad Science invites you to launch your knowledge of flight as you build your very own rockets. Participants will see how Newton’s Laws of Motion helps explain how things move, will learn about navigation tools and will see how amazing our Milky Way is. Have a rockin’ good time at this

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