Maple Sugar Month 2015

Maple Sugar Month begins on March 14th and runs through April 5th.  New Hampshire Sugar Houses will be celebrating with some delicious maple sugar products and programs!  Over 110 sugar houses will be open to visit and will have maple syrup products for your enjoyment – yum!  Many locations will be offering pancake breakfasts, entertainment and educational programs.

Please see NH Maple Producers’ website for a list of the Sugar Houses in our area and the programs that they will be offering throughout this Maple Sugar Season.  The 20th Annual Maple Weekend will be on March 28th and 29th.  Local sugar houses will celebrate this event with additional festivities and fun.

Another great web resource for Maple Sugar month is’s Maple Sugar’s Maple Sugar Page has information on events, sugar shacks and a map detailing the locations of NH’s sugarhouses.

To help you further celebrate Maple Month here are some of my favorite kid-friendly Maple Recipes!

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