Online Grocery Shopping With Curbside Pick-Up: #HannafordToGo

Online Grocery Shopping With Curbside Pick-Up: #HannafordToGo

Moms, Dads and every other grocery shopper out there, you’re going to LOVE this service! I’ll probably be your “Best Friend Forever” because I’m sharing this with you!

For FREE, or a max of $5 if you’re total is below $125 before coupons, you can have Hannaford do all your grocery shopping for you!

Not only are we saving time, we’re saving money by sticking to our list and avoiding impulse shopping!

If you missed the news segment on SAVING TIME with Hannaford To Go, you can watch it HERE.  I think this service is incredible, or as Sean says, revolutionary!

The simple version of this service:

1. Head to Hannaford To Go and watch the 3 minute Hannaford To Go Tutorial.

     After you watch it, you’re golden. The process is so simple.

2. Order your groceries on-line.

     I like to go through their flyer online to see what they have for specials and sales. If there’s something on the flyer I want, I just click it to add it to my saved list.

3.  Add your saved list to your cart, choose your time of pick up.

4.  Head to your Hannaford for curbside pick up! First time you use this service, it’s FREE!!! After that, it’s only $5 if your total is below $125 before coupons! 

5.  Head home with a big smile on your face! How awesome is this!!!!! One repeated response I’ve heard from readers is that they are giddy after they pick up their groceries. I had the same reaction!!!! One mom said to the employee, “Do you mean you’re going to do this for me when it’s raining, when it’s snowing? I’m not going to have to shop with my kids? This makes my life so much easier!”

Some quick tips:

         Notice that the veggies, fruits etc. don’t go by pound. It will tell you how much the product is per pound, but then it asks how many you want. For example, the tomatoes were on sale for $1.29lb. I wanted 2 pounds so I wrote 2 in the quantity. I brought my order home and their were only 2 tomatoes. My fault. When I went back the site, it asks how many I wanted explaining that 1 tomato weighed approximately so much. 

          Don’t be afraid to be specific. When I order apples for instance, I want the smallest apples. When I want fresh beets, I ask for the biggest beets in the bunch. Use the special instruction notes with the items you’re choosing. Another time I wanted the store brand raisins but couldn’t find them on-line. I put the name brand in my cart but noted I wanted the store brand instead and they fulfilled my order as requested.

          If you can’t find a product, use the additional notes at the end of your order. One of my boys had wanted me to get an iTunes card for him. It didn’t show up in the search so I added it on the additional note section with the amount I wanted on it. Use it for magazines etc. 

         Check their coupons on their site for savings! 

Take advantage of the lists you can make. I put mine in by date, but you can also use it for special lists you need such as a birthday party list, my diet list, camping grocery list, etc. When you’re ready to order, just go to that list and add it to your cart. 

If you have to change your order after you placed it, it’s easy to do too. One time I tried a little too close to my pick up, so I had to call. Got right through to a Hannaford To Go employee and they adjusted my order for me. 

Here are a few experiences of readers who love Hannaford To Go as much as I do:

I’ve been using Hannaford To Go since the first time I saw you on WMUR talking about it. Kim, it’s a mom’s dream come true and it’s still as exciting to me as the first time I tried it. I’ve not had one negative issue with this service. I think that every mom in the moms’ group I’m in shops with Hannaford To Go now! Thanks again for sharing this, I love grocery shopping now! ~ Eliza M.

I work full-time third shift, and have 5 children. One of my most despised “chores” is grocery shopping—–until now. Hannaford To Go has changed all that for me. I work my shift, give report to the next nurse, then drive to Hannaford for my curbside pickup! They’re quick, precise and they make my day, first thing in the morning! I just love Hannaford! ~ Maria T.

Everytime I use Hannaford To Go, I get giddy driving out of the parking lot. All this food in my car and I didn’t have to go in the store to shop for it! ~ Amy M. 

I cannot wait to hear how much YOU love this too!


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