Kindness Counts in the Month of January

Take some time this month to sort through your pantries with your children.  Look for non-perishable goods that you could consider donating to your local food pantry.  Then find an old cardboard box, have the kids decorate it and begin … (read more)

Wrapping Paper Craft Box

Kids seem to love wrapping paper, bows and ribbon!  Last night the girls and I went through my “wrapping paper bin” and gathered all of those scraps of wrapping paper that aren’t really usable anymore and all of the old … (read more)

Children’s Theatre: What’s on Stage

Here is a list of the many children’s productions that will be playing in our area over the next few months!  Enjoy!  The Amato Center, Milford, NH  101 Dalmations, The Riverbend Youth Company will present 101 Dalmations on Friday January … (read more)

The Palace Theatre Presents “Oliver!”

     I truly adore taking my children to the Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH.  In mid-January the Palace Theatre’s youth cast will be putting on “Oliver!” (the youth cast is made up of 8-18 year-olds).  I brought my children to … (read more)

Celebrating Three Kings Day with the Kids

On January 6th, the Twelfth Day of Christmas we celebrate Little Christmas or Three Kings Day, which is a celebration of the three wise men’s visit to the Infant Jesus.  This year we will be celebrating in our home by … (read more)

Blowing Frozen Bubbles

This morning we bundled up, went outside and blew some FROZEN bubbles.  The frozen bubbles were a big hit!  I heard a lot of “yeah!  this is fun” from the kids.  The kids really enjoyed running around the snow blowing … (read more)

Local Clubs for Families

     Joining a local club or association is a wonderful way to get to know the other families and the resources in your area. Below is a list of some local groups in the Southern New Hampshire area.  If you … (read more)

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

What do you do when it is freezing out?  Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs!  Making these dinosaur eggs is incredibly easy and my kids loved it!  We made our dinosaur eggs and set them outside to freeze last night (along with … (read more)

Kindness Counts

Kindness really does count and it is such an important thing to foster in our children!  A child’s innocence coupled with his innate kindness and compassion is beautiful and praiseworthy.  I am constantly humbled by the children in my life … (read more)

Prehistoric Era at the Museum of Science

Fitting with the prehistoric theme that the blog has taken for the past 24 hours I thought that I would also let you know about the “Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age” exhibit currently at the Museum of … (read more)