Stay at Home Job Opportunities—-Amazing Money Potentials, Free Products & Fun!

Stay at Home Job Opportunities—-Amazing Money Potentials, Free Products & Fun!

Have you noticed that direct sales are becoming more accepted by more people personally and more families are welcoming them for their own need and for self employment opportunities! You can buy almost anything from a direct sales consultant and when you do, it helps support their families instead of the “other multi-billion dollar company”. Direct sales can provide a hobby or it can provide a paycheck. It helps put food on a table or pay for another dance costume for your princess or pays for a dream bat for your baseball player.

I’ve done both, I’ve experienced both and I’m doing both.

I’m the kind of gal that when I love something, I want the best deal that I can get for it and I want to share the venture with someone else as well. You too? I’ve hemmed and hawed over some companies over the years, weighing the options should I just buy from the company or become a consultant? If I become a consultant, can I make good money with this company too? My experiences have always been super terrific, smart choices.

It has been many years since I’ve done this, but recently I’ve come across a couple of companies that I have had positive experiences with and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sign on with them. I’ve got to say, the income potential has been the highest I’ve ever been privy to. That being said, I’m sure there are others who would love to embark on these opportunities as well.

Thrive Health and Wellness Logo

The first I’d like to share with you is Le-Vel/Thrive. My results are so personally life changing. This was my post after 2 weeks being on the product:

You can create your own-no strings attached account HERE .  But I’d like to help you break things down a little bit more further down the page.

Today is 2 weeks since I began THRIVE! I went from needing a specialist for the aches and discomfort in my feet to being able to go back to wearing flipflops! I went from having headaches 3-5 times a week to not having a headache in 2 weeks. This is NOT something that can be imagined!!! I also lost 5 1/2 pounds without doing anything different in my diet or exercising-BONUS!! I tried THRIVE because of the discomfort I was in and it’s the only thing that has helped me in almost 4 years!!! Seriously, ask my family!!!!

Others I know have experienced weight loss, an abundance of energy. Others have been able to get off of medication for diabetes and cholesterol, their levels leveled off with Le-Vel. There are so many positives with this product line.

This is a message one of my friends, Heather, sent me the other day:
It’s a great product. I used it during February vacation when I had to teach skiing 16 days straight. I had a ton of energy, slept well and no aches!!

Thrive Carol BMW

There is so much opportunity to make money by being a promoter as well. Maybe promoting is for you, maybe it’s not, but when I see checks for $500 a week and my friend who I signed under, is driving a BMW on the company, it’s worth a try to me!
If you’re wanting to sign up too, you’ll be signing up under me and we have an amazing, amazing group to get you started, guide you to bonus checks of $800 or more in your first 2 weeks of getting orders and answer all your questions!  It’s an amazing company and an amazing group!Thrive Price PacksLe-Vel offers several different Monthly Autoship Pack options for customers, at a 20% discount; each customer has full control to manage his or her own autoship status. This can be done by simply logging into their accounts and pausing or deleting there autoship option on a month-to-month basis. So, don’t let autoship scare you, it will give you a discount and then you can change it if you need to.

The packages are broken down to this:
The $100 package includes your capsules for 30 days. You’ll receive 15 shake packets for a shake every other day or a 1/2 of a shake a day.
The $140 package includes includes your capsules for 30 days. You’ll receive 30 shake packets.
The $150 package includes your capsules for 30 days, 15 shake packets and you’ll receive 30 DFT patches.
The $190 package includes includes your capsules for 30 days, shakes for 30 days and 30 DFT patches.

Although Le-Vel offers different package options, it is suggested that in order to achieve maximum benefits and experiences, all 3 steps should be taken each day.

How to sign up:

Head here and sign up for a free customer account, explore or dive in and get started. If you’d like to be a promoter, earn free products, a paycheck, even a car,  head here, sign up and we’ll get you into our group who will help along with your success!

Thrive Patch Message

….We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives. It’s time for us to more than just survive. We were made to THRIVE! (lyrics from Casting Crowns: THRIVE)

Here is my personal link to order Le-Vel-Thrive for you and your spouse or partner, or to sign on as a promoter!  I’d love work with you side by side for both!

younique banner

The other company I’ve just recently ventured into is YOUNIQUE!!! Do any of you have teenage daughters? My beauty, Olyvia,  is  the main reason why I decided to promote this company, she loves makeup and we do love this unique line. We’re having fun with the products, we’re able to get free products and I’m making a little extra fun money too!!!

I personally wear makeup pretty much just when I’m doing a news segment, teaching a class or going on a special date or event with my husband and friends.  It’s funny, the other day when I was heading to co-host on the radio, my daughter asked me if I wanted to use the foundation. I said, no I don’t need it, I’m on the radio today, not TV, LOL. So, you get an idea of how much I wear makeup, right?! But……

Younique 10 reasons to buy

…when I do wear make up, I want to love what I’m putting on my skin and eyes and Younique is naturally based, not animal tested, made in the USA, a high quality line and more great reasons as listed above. I do have to admit though, the more products we’re getting, I really do love wearing make up more!

It really was a no-brainer to sign up as a promoter with the great kit of makeup we got. For $99, we received over $200 worth of products. Then you only have to sell $125 worth of product every 3 months to stay active. That’s great, but I knew we were going to do great selling the product to friends and family and get referrals too.

So, whether you’re interested in the product for yourself and would like to order, or would like to earn free products and have an online party or become a promoter too, head to my site where I can help you out.

I’d also suggest joining my Younique Facebook Page that I just recently started. Here I can share some makeup tips, specials, and I will soon be starting giveaways too! So do join my page, it will be fun sharing this with all you beautiful ladies!


Nicole, founder of Southern New Hampshire Kids, has taken off with her new venture, LuLaRoe! I am so thrilled with her success in this clothing line as a direct sales consultant. Nicole has 5 very small children and if she can do this, wow! we can too. I honestly was tempted to jump into this one too, but my husband would have my head on a platter if I took anything else on! I’m going to lead you to Nicole’s LuLaRoe Facebook page to join HERE. From there you can see what her company is about, order from her or hop on the bandwagon and be a part of her successful team!

The clothing from leggings to dresses are bright, fun, is versatile. They come in what seems like infinite patterns, color and collections. Can you imagine having an amazing wardrobe at your fingertips? When I see all of Nicole’s family photos I can see it can happen! Her little girls love when the UPS comes to the house, I’m sure!

Not only has she provided clothes for her family, she’s provided a shopping service for her friends, family, and their friends and family and she’s contributed to the family income while being the amazing stay at home mom that I know she is!

We’ve given you a few different opportunities. You may like them, you may not, but we’re just sharing what’s been great for us. I hope that it can help anyone looking for that extra something. 

Maybe you’re a direct sales consultant too and in doing so it has made a difference in your family income. I’d love to hear from you, please email me at [email protected] and let me know more about it! 

Disclosure: This post may/does contain affiliate links. This post may be/is a sponsored post and may be compensated by product or payment. All opinions on reviews are our own and are not influenced by the sponsor.

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