Teen says these Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Headphones- ARE COOL!

Teen says these Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Headphones- ARE COOL!

Our family has a lot of Jabra products: Solemate speakers, headsets, Revos and earbuds. We are huge Jabra fans! We have 5 kids and my youngest, Camden who’s a teenager, has yet to get his own earbuds…until this week when he got his own Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Of course he wanted to use them right away and seriously, in seconds, he had them connected and tuning mom out with his tunes. I did want to know how they compare to the other earbuds he’s had and to understand the features.

His words were, “These buds are so cool!”

Good to know 🙂

Camden Jabra Set up

Here are a few things he told me:

  • He said the sound comes in great and it connected right away to his iPod
  • It’s easy to adjust the volume and skip songs
  • He likes that it has Siri and he can tell it what songs to play
  • The buds are magnetic and he says will help prevent tangling
  • They are comfortable
  • They fit well in his ears. Camden and his brothers work out a lot and throughout their workout, the buds did not fall out.
  • He tried the Halo Smart wireless buds with the phone, watching a movie on the iPad and watched plenty of You Tube Videos and everything was clear.
  • He also said the battery lasts forever!

Camden Jabra Weights

The Halo Smart Wireless Earbuds are known to have a very long battery life: 14-17 hours. That’s incredible!

Again, we love Jabra products and I find their prices to be a lot better than other competitors. Many of the kids’ friends have purchased Jabra products after trying out ours and are fans too!

Jabra Halo Lifestyle

Don’t think that these are just for teens, I love our Jabra headsets, these earbuds would be great to use while getting stuff done around the house, to have for the car, work, conference calls, etc!

I just checked on Amazon, and the price dropped! As you know, prices fluctuate on Amazon, so grab it soon HERE!

I’m already thinking Christmas and Jabra is definitely going to be found in our Holiday Guide!!!!

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