Harlem Globetrotters Coming To Town!

Our family is excited to be heading to the SNHU Arena on March 22nd to see the talented and entertaining Harlem Globetrotters! If you’d love to get tickets as well we’ve got a deal for you:
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I had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Harlem Globetrotter “Zeus” McClurkin at the Red Arrow Diner in Londonderry, NH. The patrons and employees at the Red Arrow had some photo opps with Suez which brought many smiles to many!

Enjoy getting to know Zeus as I did!

Kim- So, how tall are you? and how tall are some of your other family members?

Seuz- I’m 6’8″. My dad is 6’4″, my brother 6’6″. My wife is 5’6″. I prayed that I’d be tall! I prayed a lot to be tall!

Kim- Have you traveled a lot with the Globetrotters?

Seuz- I’ve been to 25 countries and 29 states.

Kim-Have you always like sports? Did you play basketball all through high school?

Seuz- Yes, always. I’ve always like all sports. Basketball, golf, swimming, soccer. I played any sport and loved them all. When I was in high school, I didn’t make the basketball team for either JV or Varsity. I saw my coach later on in life and we laughed about it, but he did say that I didn’t have what it took then and you know, he was right. When I’m not traveling with the Globetrotters, I still play basketball-it’s a stress reliever, a place of peace and refuge for me.

Kim- What is your most proud moment being one of the Globetrotters?

Seuz- Definitely being a 4-time world record holder. One of them getting the most slam dunks in one minute while being blind folded. My goal is to have the highest trick shot. Right now I’m tied with Globetrotter, Thunder.

Kim- Tell me a little bit about life outside of the Globetrotters.

Seuz- Well, I’m married and have a one year old-Max, my Goldendoodle dog. I went to college and got a business degree. I’m also a youth minister in the church I grew up with. I’m very interested in real estate investing and flipping houses. I love cupcakes. My wife makes amazing cupcakes. My favorite cupcakes are her vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream. When I’m home cooking meals with my wife, we usually choose to make stir fry. My favorite kind of pizza is pepperoni and cheese. My long term goal in life is to be a TV game show host.

Seuz was a warm and friendly guy with a fun personality. He’s definitely a family man who speaks highly of his wife, mom, dad, brother and sister. He gives back to the community and has a heart for kids! After leaving our visit he was heading to one of the Manchester schools to encourage kids, to speak of bullying and send a positive message.

I look forward to seeing him March 22nd at SNHU! and I wish the best to “Seuz”, his career and his family!

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