Devriendt Farm Is Open!

Devriendt Farm Is Open!

Devriendt Farm is open! I know I’m not the only one who is happy about that! The family owned farm is known for having a plethora of quality plants and bushes. Let’s face it, their knowledge for what we need and want is priceless! Our family has been customers for many years. Our yard thanks them and when their veggies come out, our kitchen table thanks them, too.

Did you know they have ice cream there, too? Oh yum, my favorite is the Lemon Meringue! Olyvia had Raspberry Lemon Cake Ice Cream. Sounds like the perfect dinner to me. You too, right?!

We’ll be getting updates on their strawberry farm and will be sure to keep you updated on that as well.

So, it’s that time to start planting and beautifying your yard……and eating ice cream. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some of you there!

Stay updated and feel free to ask questions on their very active Facebook page HERE!

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