Pesky Critters Saves The Day

Pesky Critters Saves The Day

It’s that time of year when I call Pesky Critters to get rid of the little ants, spiders and any other unwanted insects that may want to find their way into my house!

I’ve been using Pesky Critters Pest Control for YEARS!!!! Years ago, when my husband had been out of work and money was very tight, we had an issue with some visitors in our attic. I called EVERYWHERE and the prices were insane! and I mean INSANE!!!! Thankfully, I kept plugging away and found Pesky Critters because the price is more than fair and the service is way beyond acceptable. I have given out their name to at least 50 families and friends -this does not include being on my blogs-and most of them have used their services, whether for issues with bees, mice, ticks or spiders. Trust me they can help.

Pesky Critters is a family owned business. I love promoting local, family owned! If you’re looking for a company to take care of any issues with your home or to use as a preventive, as is what we do now, then do indeed give them a call! Let them know that Kim sent you to them, I’m sure it will make them smile!

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