Grab Your Grill and Let’s Go!!!

Grab Your Grill and Let’s Go!!!

Summertime, ball games, beach days, hiking, day trips ….. and grilling! Ah, all these things are signs of summer.

Getaways with the family are wonderful, but often they come with price tags, right? I mean let’s face it, taking a family of 4, or like our family of 7, is costly when going out to eat or even stopping for fast food!

Many years ago when on our way to another all day baseball game day with the children, my brilliant hubby, said to me, “Hon, we’re gonna grab a grill today and we’re going to start our own family tailgating!” And from that day on, we took our travel grill anywhere and everywhere, ate like kings and queens and saved a ton of money!

It’s really not hard to plan for this and getting the right grill for travel is not as hard as you may think. We started off with a grill that could hook on to the ball attachment on our Suburban. That was great to use, but really, my husband was better at setting that up-it was a little overwhelming for me. We had that for a good 7 years and now it’s time to get another one. With Father’s Day coming up, I’m getting a new one for my honey.

I searched a few places and a few different styles and I’m going with the Cuisinart Petite Gourmet Grill. We can downsize from our other grill, pretty much this one is for when my hubby and I take off for the day. I think this will be perfect and the price is right! We already have a folding cooking stand very similar to this one HERE , which makes things very easy and organized.

We’ve definitely have had our great lunches cause many other spectators to salivate. Some caught on and started doing the same thing.

One funny story was when we stopped on a side road at the beach and a group on bikes stopped to see our set up. They were quite impressed. This was a day when we had marinated chicken and shrimp. One couple stayed behind and were chatting with us. We had plenty of food and I offered them a plate. The wife said no but the husband quickly said, “Heck, yah!” It was funny. They ended up having a nice lunch with us. They too, had a few kids and said for sure they were going to start doing this as well.

The next ball game I’d suggest a menu of marinated chicken and shrimp, pasta salad, watermelon and a bag of chips.

Your family is gonna LOVE YOU!!!!


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